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Boule Financial Services

Located in Kololi, Kotu, Kairaba Avenue and Cape Point, The Gambia, Boule Financial Services is a specialized currency exchange service.

They welcome tourists visiting the country and local residents living in The Gambia; whether your currency exchange transaction is small or large.

Rate changes: Their objective is to provide the best exchange rates in The Gambia. To increase their competitiveness they are constantly updating their rates at which they buy and sell currencies.

Financial Services:

Our principal business is the purchase and sale of foreign currencies. They regularly have on hand the money of more than 10 countries and can usually obtain a number of others on short notice. They are prepared to buy the currencies of most countries, subject to market conditions. Whether buying or selling, they endeavor to do so at the best rates available in the region, and they do not have any charges in connection with purchases or sales of cash/cheques.

Boule accepts payment in cash, by travellers' cheque, certified cheque, bank draft and bank transfers.

Please let them know if you would like to order in advance a particular sum of foreign money. This way you can be certain that the currency you order will be secured at the rate you want.

Contact Address :
1-3 Liberation Avenue
NTC Complex
PO Box 602
Banjul, The Gambia
West Africa
Telephone Number :
(+220) 4228818
(+220) 4227746
(+220) 3351100
Email :
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