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Banjul International Duty Free Shop

With the completion of the new Banjul International Airport in 1997, The Gambia now has a modern airport with facilities of the highest standard. Restaurants and bars, a first class lounge, banking facilities and a business centre all can be found within the airport. In the airport departure lounge, the Duty-Free shop offers you a choice selection of goods and products.

You can purchase all your duty free goods such as electronic items (walkmans, Discmans, radios), perfumes, alcohol, jewellery, watches, children's items, tobacco, cigars, cigarettes and T-shirts.

At the NTC Duty Free shop, offer products 23% cheaper than other duty free shops worldwide. Browse around the NTC Duty Free shop while you wait to leave the smiling coast of West Africa

Contact Address :
1-3 Liberation Avenue
NTC Complex
PO Box 61
Banjul, The Gambia
West Africa
Telephone Number :
(+220) 4228818
(+220) 4227746
(+220) 3351100
Email :
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